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Start Safe program

Health and Safety at Cenovus

At Cenovus, safety is a core value that informs all of the decisions we make. We want everyone – employees, contractors and service providers – to return home safely to their families at the end of the day. We want staff to put safety first, engage their leaders if they are having safety challenges they can’t resolve and to watch out for one another, so we can achieve our goal of an injury-free workplace. To help promote a safety culture in all aspects of our work, we use a variety of programs to keep safety top of mind at all times.

Start Safe program

At the start of each year, we host a series of sessions to reflect on our health and safety performance from the previous year, to celebrate what we’ve done well, to recognize the opportunities we have to get better and to renew our commitment to safety. We call the sessions our Start Safe program. The program was introduced in January 2013 as a way to increase safety awareness among workers in our field operations. Start Safe events are now held across the company in January and February. Smaller-scale, mid-year events are also held in June and July to refocus on safety.

Cenovus Safety Recognition Program

Safety before all else is our most important Cenovus value. It underpins everything we do and our staff bring it to life each time they take action to make our workplaces safer. We celebrate those examples of safety leadership and have a comprehensive Safety Recognition Program for our field and office staff. It aligns with our safety commitments and reinforces the attitudes and behaviors we expect to see from anyone who works at Cenovus.