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Integrity Helpline

Our Integrity Helpline is an anonymous way for stakeholders to share their concerns with how we conduct our operations, including if our staff aren’t complying with our standards, practices or Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.

If you have concerns or you want to know more about the conduct we expect of our employees, contractors and service providers, we want to hear from you. Your feedback helps us continuously improve our ability to develop our resources responsibly and safely.

We use a third-party company to manage our Integrity Helpline intake process to ensure all reports and questions are kept confidential and anonymous, if desired.

Issues that we want to hear from you about include, but are not limited to:

  • Of any statute, regulation, rule or Cenovus policy or practice
  • Of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  • Of accounting standards, internal accounting controls or auditing matters
  • Of our complainant protection practice
  • Of environmental, occupational health and safety legislation
  • Harassment or other inappropriate workplace conduct
  • Unsafe work practices
  • Fraudulent activities or theft
  • Coercion of Cenovus's external or internal auditors or any attempt to improperly affect our financial statements or financial reporting practices

In addition to the Integrity Helpline, Cenovus employees are also encouraged to discuss concerns they have with their supervisors or Human Resources. Contractors and service providers can also report concerns to their primary Cenovus contact.

If, for any reason, these channels aren't appropriate, concerns can be reported directly to the Integrity Helpline.

To submit your concern or question:

Submit an Integrity Helpline report
Call 1-877-760-6766
(available 24/7 U.S. and Canada only. Other numbers available in the link.)

To follow up on a previous submission:

To follow up on an anonymous report you submitted, check its status or see if we have any questions for you, use this follow-up page or call the number above. To follow up on legacy Husky Ethics Help Line use this follow-up page. You’ll need the report key you were given, and the password you created.

To submit feedback that doesn’t require confidentiality:

Email us: questions&comments@cenovus.com